Qatar, Global Security & Stability‬ conference challenge “fake news” attack

Lawyers working for the organisers of the Qatar, Global Security & Stability Conference have today demanded that a London public affairs agency withdraw a letter and blog post containing “fake news” about the event.

A firm called the London Centre for Public Affairs sent a letter to MPs, and also wrote a blog on its website, falsely claiming that the Conference taking place in London on 14 September, is a “hoax”, and that the conference is part of a campaign by Saudi Arabia and the UAE to isolate Qatar.

London lawyers acting for Khalid Al-Hail, Official Spokesperson of the Qatari Opposition and the main organiser of the Conference, wrote to the firm this morning demanding that the letter and blog are withdrawn and that it formally acknowledges that the claims are false.

“This attempt at fake news by a public affairs agency clearly in the pay of the Qatari government is a desperate attempt to try and undermine the apposition and reform movement supported by the Qatari people,” said Khalid Al-Hail. “This Conference is an independent initiative fully funded by Qatari exiles, with no links or support from any of the GC3+1 countries which are currently blockading Qatar. We have not declared our speakers because of exactly the sort of dirty tricks by Qatar shown by this letter. If you think this is a hoax, turn up on 14th and see!

“We demand that this letter – and the blog written by the agency’s staff members – are withdrawn immediately and will be taking legal advice on potential remedies.”

The Conference takes place three months into the Qatar crisis in the Middle East, with Qatar facing a boycott by members of the Gulf Co-ordinating Council, creating considerable political and economic implications in the Arabian Gulf, Middle East and the world. It is the first conference of its kind and is being organised by the Qatari businessman and reformist, Mr Khalid Al-Hail, along with other exiled Qataris, who are seeking a resolution to the regional crisis and a more stable future for Qatar.

The organisers of the conference are also publishing a number of exclusive research papers into the situation within Qatar. These can be found at the conference website

For further information and to register to attend, media outlets should contact:
[email protected]
Jason Nisse +44 7596 966552
Steve Rabinowitz +1 202 494 7655